SubHype Plugin

This plugin can send a configured text whenever someone subscribes. It's mainly useful to get a "SUB HYPE" train going or to see new subs in non-Twitch chat clients (e.g. in mIRC).


!submsg, !resubmsg


Simply enable the plugin using the global command !k_enable:

#tester_mantester_man: !k_enable subhype
kabukibot: tester_man, the plugin "subhype" has been enabled.


You can configure two messages: With !submsg, you control the message that gets sent when you gain a new subscriber. !resubmsg sets the message for re-sub notifications.

Both commands are only allowed to be used by the channel operator and are as easy as it can get:

#tester_mantester_man: !submsg SUB HYPE FrankerZ
kabukibot: tester_man, the subscribe notification has been updated.

tester_man: !resubmsg Holy cow, {n} months already! PogChamp
kabukibot: tester_man, the re-subscribe notification has been updated.

Now, when someone new subscribes:

#tester_man<mr_someone just subscribed!>
kabukibot: SUB HYPE FrankerZ

And when someone re-subscribes:

#tester_man<mr_someone subscribed 4 months in a row!>
kabukibot: Holy cow, 4 months already! PogChamp

You can use the placeholder {user} in your sub message, which will be replaced with the name of the user who subscribed. In the re-sub message, you can additionally use {n} for the number of months that person has been a subscriber for.