Grand Theft Auto FAQ & WRs Plugin

This plugin is made for GTA games. It offers the world records from the leaderboards as well as some trivia / FAQ commands (like the infamous !ryder). It does not however contain joke-only commands, like !busta or !bigsmoke. Use the Custom Commands Plugin if you want those.

The world records are automatically fetched from every 30 minutes. Note that the leaderboard is moderated and it can take a bit for moderators to verify new runs.



In addition to the !wr_… commands listed below, this plugins has these FAQ-style commands. Listed in parenthesis are the aliases for the preceeding command.

!leaderboards (!leaderboard, !boards, !gta_boards), !ryder, !rng, !sprinting (!sprint), !sliding (!slide), !ak47, !swimming, !pausebuffer (!pausebuffering), !classic (!classic_v, !classic_iv), !vc_language (!vc_lang, !vc_lng), !toughened

Included Games

This plugin does not automatically include new games or categories that have been added on the leaderboard; all commands have been manually mapped. If you miss a game/category, tell the bot operator to add it.

Most commands provide a number of aliases. It's perfectly fine to use them, if you like.

Game Category Primary Command Aliases
GTA London 1961 any% !wr_london1961_any !wr_london61_any, !wr_1961_any, !wr_61_any, !wr_london1961, !wr_london61, !wr_1961, !wr_61
GTA 2 any% !wr_2_any !wr_2
GTA III any% !wr_iii_any !wr_iii, !wr_3_any, !wr_3
All Missions !wr_iii_mis !wr_3_mis
100% !wr_iii_100 !wr_3_100
In-Game 100% NG+ !wr_iii_100ng !wr_iii_100ngplus, !wr_iii_100_ng, !wr_3_100ng, !wr_3_100ngplus, !wr_3_100_ng
Kingdome Come !wr_iii_kingdom !wr_3_kingdom, !wr_iii_come, !wr_3_come, !wr_iii_kc, !wr_3_kc
100 Packages !wr_iii_packages !wr_3_packages, !wr_iii_pkgs, !wr_3_pkgs, !wr_iii_100packages, !wr_3_100packages, !wr_iii_100pkgs, !wr_3_100pkgs
All Unique Stunt Jumps !wr_iii_stunts !wr_3_stunts, !wr_iii_jumps, !wr_3_jumps
All Rampages !wr_iii_rampages !wr_3_rampages
GTA Vice City any% !wr_vc_any !wr_vc
any% 7 Assets !wr_vc_any_7assets !wr_vc_any_7, !wr_vc_any7
All Missions !wr_vc_mis
100% !wr_vc_100
In-Game 100% NG+ !wr_vc_100ng !wr_vc_100ngplus, !wr_vc_100_ng
100 Hidden Packages !wr_vc_packages !wr_vc_pkgs, !wr_vc_100packages, !wr_vc_100pkgs
All Robberies !wr_vc_robberies !wr_vc_robberinos
ALl Unique Stunt Jumps !wr_vc_stunts !wr_vc_jumps
GTA San Andreas any% !wr_sa_any !wr_sa
100% !wr_sa_100
100 Tags !wr_sa_tags !wr_sa_100tags
All Missions !wr_sa_mis
GTA Advance any% !wr_advance_any !wr_advance, !wr_a_any, !wr_a
Liberty City Stories any% !wr_lcs_any !wr_lcs
100% !wr_lcs_100
Vice City Stories any% !wr_vcs_any !wr_vcs
any%-J !wr_vcs_anyj !wr_vcs_any_j
100% !wr_vcs_100
99 Luftballons !wr_vcs_luftballons !wr_vcs_99luftballons, !wr_vcs_99
GTA IV any% !wr_iv_any !wr_iv, !wr_4_any, !wr_4
classic% !wr_iv_classic !wr_4_classic
Most Wanted% !wr_iv_mostwanted !wr_4_mostwanted, !wr_iv_mw, !wr_4_mw
100% !wr_iv_100 !wr_4_100
GTA The Lost and Damned any% !wr_tlad_any !wr_tlad
GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony any% !wr_tbogt_any !wr_tbogt
GTA Chinatown Wars any% !wr_cw_any !wr_cw
GTA V any% !wr_v_any !wr_v, !wr_5_any, !wr_5
any% No Mission Skips !wr_v_any_noskips !wr_v_noskips, !wr_5_any_noskips, !wr_5_noskips
classic% !wr_v_classic !wr_5_classic
100% !wr_v_100 !wr_5_100
Beat The Jewel Store Job !wr_v_trevor !wr_5_trevor, !wr_v_jewels, !wr_5_jewels
Golf !wr_v_golf !wr_5_golf
GTA Online Criminal Mastermind !wr_o_mastermind !wr_online_mastermind
All Heists !wr_o_all_heists !wr_online_all_heists
Fleeca Job !wr_o_fleeca_job !wr_online_fleeca_job
Prison Break !wr_o_prison_break !wr_online_prison_break
Humane Raid !wr_o_humane_raid !wr_online_humane_raid
Series A !wr_o_series_a !wr_online_series_a
Pacific Standard !wr_o_pacific_standard !wr_online_pacific_standard
Multi GTA 3D trilogy any% !wr_trilogy_any !wr_trilogy, !wr_3d_any, !wr_3d
3D trilogy 100% !wr_trilogy_100 !wr_3d_100
IV trilogy any% !wr_trilogy_iv_any !wr_trilogy_iv, !wr_trilogy_4_any, !wr_trilogy_4


Simply enable the plugin using the global command !k_enable:

#tester_mantester_man: !k_enable gta
kabukibot: tester_man, the plugin "gta" has been enabled.
Note: The !leaderboards command will respond with the link to the a website. Make sure Kabukibot does not get timed out or banned or overwrite the !leaderboards command and all its aliases with the Custom Commands Plugin (even though the command does not make much sense without the link).


In addition to providing the run time and the runner name for each world record, the commands also include the relative date (e.g. 42 days ago). Note that due to timezone differences, this can be off by one day for every viewer:

#tester_mantester_man: !wr_sa
kabukibot: WR for GTA: San Andreas any% is 5:39:36 by UltimaOmega07, 154 days ago

The FAQ commands respond with a channel-neutral description of glitches/techniques:

#tester_mantester_man: !ryder
kabukibot: You blow up Ryder's car in order to skip a cutscene further into the mission. Restarting the mission is quicker than watching the cutscene.

You can override any number of this plugin's commands by using the Custom Commands Plugin.


Use the global commands !k_allow and !k_deny to control the permissions for this plugin.

Users with this permission may use all commands of this plugin.


#tester_mantester_man: !k_allow gta_commands $mods,$subs
kabukibot: tester_man, granted permission "gta_commands" to $mods, $subs.