Emote Counter Plugin

This plugin does pretty much what its name implies. It counts all Twitch faces being used in your channel (including global and subscriber emotes, but excluding simple ones like ;)). All subscriber emotes are included, not just those of the channel itself. BetterTTV's emotes are not included, because they are stupid, FrankerFaceZ is not supported yet as well (but that could change).

The counting starts when the plugin is enabled and only stops when it is disabled again. So even when the channel is offline, emotes are being counted.

A few commands allow users to get the top emotes or reset the counters.


!top_emotes, !emote_count, !reset_emote_counter


Simply enable the plugin using the global command !k_enable:

#tester_mantester_man: !k_enable emote_counter
kabukibot: tester_man, the plugin "emote_counter" has been enabled.

And the counting begins …


Nothing needs or can be done about the counting. It's silently running in the background as long as the plugin is enabled.

Top Emotes

You can get the top N emotes for a channel by using the !top_emotes command. It responds with the top 5 emotes:

#tester_mantester_man: !top_emotes
kabukibot: tester_man, this channel's top 5 emotes are: Kappa (1,234x), FrankerZ (900x), BCWarrior (241x), PogChamp (90x), BibleThump (3x)

You can give the number of top places you want (between 1 and 20):

#tester_mantester_man: !top_emotes 3
kabukibot: tester_man, this channel's top 3 emotes are: Kappa (1,234x), FrankerZ (900x), BCWarrior (241x)
#tester_mantester_man: !top_emotes 1
kabukibot: tester_man, this channel's top emotes is: Kappa (1,234x)

Emote Count

Instead of getting the top emotes, you can also asks for the count for a specific emote. Use the !emote_count command and give it the emote you want the counter from. Note that you have to use the proper capitalization (!emote_count kappa will not work).

#tester_mantester_man: !emote_count FrankerZ
kabukibot: tester_man, FrankerZ has been used 900 times.
#tester_mantester_man: !emote_count DansGame
kabukibot: tester_man, DansGame has not yet been used or does not even exist.


Use the !reset_emote_counter command to reset the counter for all emotes in the channel.

#tester_mantester_man: !reset_emote_counter
kabukibot: tester_man, the emote counter has been reset.


Use the global commands !k_allow and !k_deny to control the permissions for this plugin.

Users with this permission may use all commands of this plugin.
This should only be granted to moderators, as this also includes the ability to reset the emote counter.


#tester_mantester_man: !k_allow use_emote_counter $mods
kabukibot: tester_man, granted permission "use_emote_counter" to $mods.