Domain Ban Plugin

This plugin will ban or timeout anyone who posts a link to a banned domain on your chat. For this you can maintain a list of blacklisted domains (,, …).

Note that even writing a domain name creates a link in Twitch chat, so if you ban and someone posts "I hate this spam!", that will be regarded as posting the evil link and result in a ban/timeout.

Because of this, it's recommended to not let Kabukibot outright ban people, but just time them out for one year or so. This way, when a legitimate user gets accidentally timed out, moderators can quickly revert that.

You can configure whether to ban or to timeout for each domain independently.


!ban_domain, !unban_domain, !banned_domains


Simply enable the plugin using the global command !k_enable:

#tester_mantester_man: !k_enable domain_ban
kabukibot: tester_man, the plugin "domain_ban" has been enabled.
This plugin does not make sense if you don't give Kabukibot moderator status in your channel.


To add a domain to your blacklist, use the !ban_domain command and just give the domain name and what action to take. If you want to ban the person, just write:

#tester_mantester_man: !ban_domain
kabukibot: tester_man, links to will be *banned*.

If you want to give a timeout, add "timeout" and the time the person should be kicked for (for example, 30s, 15m or 30d):

#tester_mantester_man: !ban_domain timeout 5m
kabukibot: tester_man, links to will be timed out for 5 minutes.

You can change existing ban rules by using !ban_domain – if the domain already is blacklisted, the ban type will simply be updated.

To unban a domain, use !unban_domain. There are no further arguments than the domain itself:

#tester_mantester_man: !unban_domain
kabukibot: tester_man, links to will no longer be timed out for 5 minutes.

To get a list of your current blacklist, use !banned_domains:

#tester_mantester_man: !banned_domains
kabukibot: tester_man, banned domain are: (5m t/o)

Whenever a bad link is posted, the configured action is taken and Kabukibot tells the user what happened:

kabukibot: trollx, you have been timed out for 5 minutes for posting a link to a banned domain.


Use the global commands !k_allow and !k_deny to control the permissions for this plugin.

Users with this permission may use all commands of this plugin.
It's highly recommended to only grant this to very few, trusted people.


#tester_mantester_man: !k_allow configure_domain_bans my_mom
kabukibot: tester_man, granted permission "configure_domain_bans" to my_mom.