Kabukibot is a bot for Twitch.tv chatrooms. It's built to be small extensible, and reliable. Based on Go's goroutines, it can scale pretty well.


  • can handle lots of channels with one bot instance
  • functionality (plugins) can be enabled/disabled per channel
    • Custom Commands
    • Auto-Ban links to certain domains
    • Highlight Notepad
    • Emote Counter
    • access to the speedrun.com world records and PBs
    • Chatty/GTA/SDA/ESA plugins, providing general info and world records
  • Access to commands can be granted to groups (moderators, subscribers, Turbo users, Twitch admins, Twitch staff) and/or single users.
  • MariaDB/MySQL is used as the storage engine.


Kabukibot is not just the name of the bot software, but also the Twitch account where I operate it. You can simply tell my bot to join your channel and work for you, or you can take the source and run your own bot with it, running under one of your Twitch accounts (I highly recommend using a dedicated bot account).

See the install instructions for more information.

Another bot?

Oh yes. Why not? Kabukibot is my personal playground for experimenting with Go and chat functionality; it is not meant to compete with other, well-known bots like Nightbot.

Plus, I could not find a nice, open source Twitch chat bot implementation out there (except maybe SauceBot, but I don't like CoffeeScript and SauceBot has no clear license). Kabukibot is licensed under the MIT license, meaning you can basically do whatever you like with it.